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About Us 


Patriot Pool Services LLC is a woman owned small business consisting of a local husband and wife duo here to serve all of Atlantic County. We do our best to clean and maintain every pool/spa as if it was our very own. We thrive to make connections, build trust, and care for all of our clients so that we can have a consistent relationship for years to come. We're here to make your life easier, stress free, and more enjoyable in the summer! No pool is too big or too small. Patriot Pool Services LLC is here to serve YOU!

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Meet the staff

Salesman of
the Month

Meet Gary, Our top salesman! He's been with Patriot Pool since day one. Sniffin' out all the customers and making sure they get the best deals. Nothing gets past this guy, he sees everything! Gary is charismatic, friendly, and  a reliable employee. He boosts up morale!

Employee of
the Month

Meet Daryl, Our number one OG pool technician! He's a cool guy with a great attitude. He's not great with pumps and filters (he leaves that up to his Dad) but what he lacks in opposable thumbs he makes up in precision and hard work! If you have a ball problem, Daryl is your man.

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